Grow Your Own Sweet Pea Galvanised Bucket from Seed Gift Set Everything You Need

  • GROWING FLOWERS IN YOUR HOME COULD NOT BE EASIER - These beautiful flower buckets will brighten up your home
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA -This unique but simple gift, is presented beautifully. It's not just for the gardening lover this the perfect gift,
  • UNIQUE GARDENING GIFT IDEA -This thoughtful unusual but surprising gift, is presented beautifully. make this the perfect garden lovers gift
  • OUTSTANDING VALUE FOR MONEY - Our gorgeous sweet pea bucket grow kits are packed full with enough seeds to grow a beautiful floral bucket
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION - lovely unique Christmas, birthday mother's day or thank you gift
  • includes
  • Each kit contains galvanised metal bucket
  • sachet of sweet pea seeds 
  • growing medium.
  • Ready for planting October to march.
  • Plant on windowsill in full sun with regular watered soil.